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May 01, 2010



AMEN! We work hard everyday to REST! His grace has already paved the way! We have heard Keith Moore say, "Faith puts no pressure on people." Often when you are standing and believing for "results" it's easy to put your trust in the natural as you said, yet our true faith and rest should be in the FINISHED WORK OF JESUS! It's done and I rejoice, regardless of what my eyes see and my feelings feel!

Greg Anderson

Good word Pastor! Faith without works is dead, but so is works without faith.

Pam Dudding

Hi! I didn't post a comment the first time as I had to think a long time about it, because I was so 'frustrated' with all that had hit me I couldn't see straight. HOWEVER...due to the awesome Word received, by the heeding of Pastor, I am now being set free! The last 2 weeks have been so good, even if I have had to wear steel-toed boots at times! Still, I am excited, however saddened that I had to be reminded just how much He really does love me and WANTS to take care of my 'needs'. I feel I failed a few tests lately, having to go around the mountain that I sorta detested. Yet, it seems like when I do have to go around the mountain, the more trips I make, it becomes more of a stench to me, causing me to 'wake up'. And, with a church like Valley Word, where we get the Word, and have a Pastor who releases himself with love and humility to our Father, along with opening up to us, his can we not grow!!!?! I'm stronger, more determined than ever and yes, am taking that 'frustration' word and burying it so deep that even the devil won't be able to find it in my back yard! Hallelujah! I KNEW and KNOW that 'peace' is such a key in my life and I had lost it. I kept praying for it and He led me back to seeing where I had missed it. I allowed all the 'stuff' to clog my brain, fog my vision and stiffle my tongue. My tongue is now alive and active again, defeating the devil and hitting him where it hurts! It is mine and I WILL take back the 'land' He has promised me, allowing God to lead me, being immediately obedient to His desires, and not pushed by my 'life'. Yes, 'life' is back!

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